What's Your Gut Feeling?

What's Your Gut Feeling?

Welcome to Genius.

Since 2009, when Lucinda’s first loaf of Genius gluten-free bread made its way into supermarkets, we’ve been creating delicious gluten-free recipes to suit everybody’s taste buds.

We don’t just draw the line at gluten-free bread. Our team work hard to create new recipes for your favourite foods, from crumpets to cupcakes and pancakes to pitta breads, that are free from gluten.

At Genius, we believe that everybody should be able to enjoy all of the foods they love – whether that’s a crunchy bread roll dipped into a bowl of hot soup, a bagel dripping with butter, or even a humble, wholesome sandwich.

We understand that gluten-free food gets a tough rep. We’re incredibly proud of the gluten-free foods we make and are dedicated to perfecting each and every recipe we bake.

Gluten Free Recipes In need of some inspiration?

Cooking up a culinary delight that’s free from gluten should never be a chore!

We’ve created gluten-free recipes that are full of flavour and will bring variety to your meals.