Chocolate Muffin Tiramisu

Use our double chocolate muffins as a decadent base to this scrumptious showstopper.


For the Marsala Cream;

600ml pot double cream

250ml pot mascarpone

75ml Marsala

2 tbsp golden caster sugar

5 or 6 Genius Gluten Free chocolate muffins, each sliced into 5 even slices

2 x 350g bags frozen raspberries, left in bags to defrost

Cocoa powder and/or grated dark chocolate


  • 20 mins prep time, 8 hours chill time
  • 6
  • Whisk together (using an electric whisk) the ingredients for the Marsala cream.

  • To assemble the dish, place a layer of muffin slices in the dish to cover the base, top this with one bag of defrosted raspberries, scoop and spread a layer of Marsala cream (use approx half of the mix). 

  • Repeat these layers finishing with the Marsala cream.

  • Using a fine sieve, cover the top layer of cream with cocoa powder and grate over some dark chocolate.

  • Refrigerate for a minimum of 8 hours.