Live gluten free


Gluten-free living shouldn’t mean missing out on the meals that you love.

As we understand more about the nutrients we consume, more people have started to enjoy gluten-free food as part of a healthy diet. This rise in demand for gluten-free food and ingredients means that there’s never been an easier time to try including gluten-free food in your meals.

If you’ve got a passion for baking, it helps to know what healthy, gluten-free options there are. We’ve pulled together our favourite substitutes for gluten so you can continue to cook from scratch all your favourite foods.

Got gluten-free guests coming round for dinner? We’ve gathered a few of our top tips for making a great gluten-free meal without making a meal of it.

If, like Lucinda, your child has a gluten intolerance, we’ve answered a number of common questions to help you carry on cooking and eating together as a family.

Whether it’s knowing what ingredients to swap in or which foods to cut out, we’re here to help you continue to enjoy every meal.