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Gluten-Free Bake Off - Week 3

Wednesday 29th August 2012

So far on the Great British Bake Off the contestant have wowed us (sometimes) with breads and upside down cakes.  This week GBBO is teasing us with tarts. Tarte Tatin and treacle tart with a lattice top. As ever, Genius have provided you with gluten-free recipes so that no one is left without.

The success of these two recipes lies in the pastry and the timing.  The techniques behind them are both relatively similar. Once you've got these cracked you can change the filling fairly easily. For example you could  use apple, pear, peach or even pineapple for your Tarte Tatin though you'll need to think about altering the cooking times to suit the fruit. Take inspiration from GBBO- do something different!

The first thing you'll need is pastry- both can be made with sweet short crust pastry.  Use our gluten-free pastry recipe here. If you plan to add the lattice top to your treacle tart, click here for a great video showing how, giving you an easier option if the proper latice looks a bit tough!If you prefer tarte tatin with gluten-free puff pastry it's a tough task. There aren't yet any gluten-free puff pastry products available in supermarkets in the UK, and making puff pastry is a bit of a mission! The best, most honest guide we've found is from the lovely blog Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. You can find their puff pastry recipe here. Be warned- it's not easy!

So with your pastry ready, you can then start thinking about your recipes...

Apple Tarte Tatin - Smitten Kitchen

A good old-fashioned apple Tarte Tatin that we love. Don't forget you'll need to do your own pastry. Click here for the recipe.


Pear Tarte Tatin - Yummy Supper

For a nice change, try pear. The slightly granular texture of the cooked pear is just to die for. Click here for the recipe.


Anne's Kitchen - Chicory Tarte Tatin

For another change, why not try a savoury Tarte Tatin. This one uses Chicory- it's great for lunch! Click here for the recipe.


Genius' Treacle Tart

We're slightly biased, but our treacle tart is to die for. Here's the recipe. To see how to add the lattice, click here.


A Life in Food - Lemon Tart

Lemon makes another great filling and it's one that we'd thoroughly recommend. From our friends at A Life in Food, Click here for the recipe.


If you've got any recipes you'd like to add, we'd love you to share them on our recipe page. Or if you have anything you'd like to share with us, talk to us on Facebook, or Twitter. Any pictures, we've recently joined Pinterest too!

By Genius


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