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Eating Out Gluten Free

Friday 8th June 2012

Eating out can be one of the hardest parts of being on a gluten-free diets. So, we compiled our fan’s gluten-free restaurant recommendations into this super handy list.

There are gluten-free Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants and Mexcian restaurants, as well as pubs and hotels which serve gluten-free food and even a holiday company which has been highlighted as being a great gluten-free choice.

If you have a gluten-free restaurant recommendation, post it below in the comments section and hopefully soon we’ll have an option for all parts of the UK and further afield too!

Gluten-free on the go is becoming easier, and remember, you can get sandwiches made with Genius bread in Starbucks, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.


My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Mamma's Pizzeria in The Grassmarket, Edinburgh because their GF pizza is the best tasting pizza in the world! YUM! ♥

La Favorita in Edinburgh who offer all their delicious pizzas and pastas as a gluten-free alternative. 

A special mention to Wok and Wine in Edinburgh who created a gluten-free menu as a result of our visit.

Henderson’s vegetarian restaurant, Hanover Street, Edinburgh marks all their gluten free options clearly. Have eaten in both several times and never been unwell. Happy days! 

Karen Wongs in Edinburgh is a great gluten-free Chinese restaurant.

Rocpool in Inverness is my favourite because the food is world class, the staff understand Coeliac, and everything is cooked fresh to order, so gluten-free adaptations can easily be made.


Prego's in Lucan, Dublin because they have a huge gluten free menu including lovely award winning homemade pizzas and desserts.

East of England

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is The Brook Innin Washbrook, Nr Ipswich in because the food is just yummy and they cater for light bites with a GF sarnie or a meal and I have no worries about contamination as they have excellent knowledge about Coeliac Disease!

Also, The Bell, Horndon On The Hill, Essex 

Aqua Eight in Ipswich is an excellent gluten-free restaurant. Has its own gluten-free menu. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Gios Restaurant in Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire because they do a lovely range of GF pasta and pizzas all wrapped up in a warm and friendly family run restaurant. Perfect :-D 

Red Lion, Hixton, Cambs. They have firsthand experience of requirements for gluten-free food and are very happy to cater for our needs. 

Pulse Bar in Norwich because the chef is a coeliac and so the food is completely safe!!! Tastes amazing and decent sized portions too. 

Merrivale Tea Rooms in Great Yarmouth only open during season but you can eat virtually anything on the menu gluten free including fish and chips. They have a separate kitchen so no chance of contamination and food is homemade. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Rainbow Cafein Cambridge because the food is delicious and varied, loads of fantastic gluten free choice, always hard to choose between old favourites like Latvian Potato Bake and Spinach and Cottage Cheese Lasagne, and the daily specials which are always amazing. Plus it's only 5 mins from where I work! :)

Greater London

For me, anywhere that serves Gluten Free Bread! Gordon Ramsay @ Claridges (it would want to!!) and Trinity at Clapham.

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Stingray Cafein Highbury Barn, London because they serve thin and crispy stone baked pizzas for just £8 that are perfection! 

Leon in London because there is soooo much choice, the menus are all marked up and it's healthy.

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Bruschetta - the Gluten Free Restaurant in Kingston for the most amazing pizza and tiramisu ever!! My boyfriend scored some major brownie points for taking me there for our anniversary...! 

Pizza da Vinci, London SW11 5QL because they do really good gluten free pizzas and pasta PLUS if you don't feel like eating out they do a delivery service. My daughter will be so pleased she can order these pizzas delivered to her door "just like anyone else -so normal"!

Fantastic meal at Roast in London Bridge. Great food, staff v knowledgeable & helpful about #gf eating AND was served Genius Foods bread!

North East England

My favourite restaurant that serves Gluten Free food is The Magpie in Whitby. They now have a fryer that they use for gluten free PROPER Fish and Chips. We have been going there regularly since moving to North Yorkshire 9 years and up to this year I had their G/F Fish Pie but at last I can join my husband oooing and aaaring as I salivate over each delicious mouthful of the best dish in the UK.

North West England

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Chiquitos in Cheshire Oaks because a girl called Cat talked me through the menu and explained everything to me! She has prepared food for me herself to ensure I get the correct adaptations! Her customer service is fabulous and I told the company that! She rocks! =) 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Dough Pizza-Kitchen in Manchester. 85% of their menu is gluten free, they make their own gluten free dough balls and bread sticks and also serve the fantastic gluten-free beer Estrella Daura. It is very family friendly and makes spontaneous eating out great fun again. They also specialise in diary free Ice Cream too. Keep up the good work! 

Our favourite is also Dough Pizza Kitchen in Manchester. As most things come in gluten-free version it means we can eat out a family safely for the first time since diagnosis. The food is fantastic and the staff and atmosphere are great. They are really helpful. It certainly helps when you've got a veggie coeliac, a fussy veggie and the youngest has a nut allergy!!! No wonder I'm grey lol keep up the good work.

Lytham Kitchen in Lytham, Lancashire as they have a whole selection of Genius breads for freshly made sandwiches and toasties and better still they cater for dairy free people too. I haven't found anywhere else yet on the Fylde coast that does this, that can also boast to have staff that nothing is too much trouble. 

Pond Quay Chinese in Salford Quays has a coeliac menu and the food is delish. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Oakwood Fisheries in Roundhay Rd, Leeds (by Oakwood Clock) because... no questions asked, no extra charges and no hassle whatsoever they'll cook me a piece of fish battered in rice flour batter in a separate fryer that has had no Gluten or Wheat products cooked in the oil, always service with a smile too.

Theres a fish & chip shop in Manchester called @fostersfish . Every sunday in their Didsbury shop they do gluten free fish :D

South East England

The Exchequer in Crookham Village Hampshire because they have a whole gluten free menu with lush gluten free starters mains and especially good gluten free desserts. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is the Joiners Arms at Bloxham, Oxfordshire, because the food is fresh, they offer a separate gluten free menu and are the most helpful staff ever, their food is absolutely divine!!

The Harvester in Eastbourne because they treat you special and give you a list of gluten free meal .we had a great time there :)

South West England

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten free food is The Biddestone Arms near Chippenham in Wiltshire because they understand the whole eating out experience - no cross contamination - and loads of choice of PROPER delicious food!! Mmm mmm! 

Fat Lemons in Totnes because the food is fabulous and they will help you navigate the menu to find something great to eat whatever your needs. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten free is Pizza Provencale in Clifton Village, Bristol, because they never fail to make the most delicious and MASSIVE gluten free pizzas in a clean trusted gluten free environment.

One of Bristol's best kept secrets is Caffe Clifton who have at least two or more gluten free cakes as well as at least six or seven options on our main menu such as risottos, pies and salads to make sure everyone is happy! Make sure you check them out next time you're in the area. 


My favourite restaurant is the Angel at Holmesfield. They have * on their menu to indicate all the dishes done G.F. It is absolutely beautiful food and service. 

Le Bistrot Pierre in Leicester as they serve homemade gluten-free bread and most of the menu is safe, plus all the staff were very aware of what gluten free is. 

My favourite restaurant is Cherry Reds in Kings Heath in Birmingham because, they have a great selection of vegetarian dishes and will even adapt dishes to gluten free if you can't find anything you like on their menu. 

My favourite restaurant is the Spotted Cow Pub in Holbrook near Belper, Derbyshire. All apart from a few things on their menu are gluten free. They even do gluten free Yorkshire puds as standard on their carvery :)


I would have to say Snooze in Denver, CO is my first nominee. Definitely have to have the peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes!!! 

Coquette Creperie in Manitou, CO. The restaurant is completely gluten free and awesome!! 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Mellow Mushroom in Southern Pines, NC because- they offer ANY pizza on the menu gluten free and are very accommodating to any requests we have-THE best pizza "hand's down" 

Chillis in Sebring, FL. They have a great gluten free menu and the BEST GF Caribbean salad. 

My favourite restaurant which serves gluten-free food is Lilit Cafe in Bethesda, MD because they have a full gluten free menu that includes crab cakes, bruschetta, pizza, sandwiches, and cakes. They also have a small grocery section that sells lots of gluten free food, including desserts from Sweet Sin (gluten free) Bakery in Baltimore. 

My favourite gluten free restaurant to eat out is Cafe on 26 in Bethany Beach, Delaware because they have everything on the menu gluten free, my favourite is creamed chipped beef and cream of crab. The owner even offered to make our special requests if she has time, come back for a chicken pot pie, mmm!! Don’t forget homemade scones and pastries, yes gluten free!!


My best holiday company for gluten free food is HF Holidays, which do mainly walking but also other activity holidays in their country houses. You get full board, and all gluten free options on the menus are clearly indicated. Other dietary considerations are also catered for. They have gluten free cereal and bread too, for breakfast and lunchtime sandwiches. All their kitchens have a dedicated toaster for gluten free bread. Some of the houses also have Dandelion Cafes, open to the public. One of their chefs is a finalist for Gluten Free Chef of the year! Check them out.

Upachaya located in Roatan, Honduras one of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean. They serve delectable goodies all gluten free, fresh and many of the ingredients are grown right on site. All the food is light and delicious, staff is incredibly friendly, and I can't even describe how wonderful the environment with the azure waters, the peaceful gardens and the awesome pool/bar.

Recommended Chains

TGI Fridays 
Jamie’s Italian

Further Suggestions

Posted by Malcolm Jeff

While not specifically a GF restaurant, the Canteen on Clifton Street ( in Cardiff is a gluten free aware and friendly restaurant, and well worth adding to your list.

Posted by Christopher

There is also a chippy in Pitlochry called "The Plaice To Be" that does GF Fish and Chips - fantastic!

Posted by Anya Hanna 

Panini's in Holywood, Northern Ireland makes the most delicious GF Pizzas, roasted garlic and goats cheese with rocket and balsamic dressing yummy.... really lovely chilled out atmosphere and you can bring your own booze too!!!

Posted by Vicky Bramley

Hotel Terravina in Woodlands, New Forest, Hampshire. They completely understand the gluten issue and have marked all the GF items on their menu as well as those that can be adapted to be GF. They serve lovely GF bread and make it possible for us GFers to have fine dining food without any fuss.

Posted by Trawlers on the Quay looe corrwall

When booking you are asked if there are any dietary requirements, then you are guided through the menu as to what you can have or can be altered for you, and they even make their own gluten free bread.

Posted by Gill

In Ambleside, Cumbria: Lucy's is a fantastic gourmet experience serving 'normal;, gluten free and dairy free food.

In Portland, Maine, I recommend The Thirsty Pig for wonderful gluten free sausages, and the Bam Bam bakery for gluten-free and dairy free goodies. It also has a cafe. In Boston, Massachusets, go to Salem Street which is lined with Pizza and Pasta places, several of which do a gluten free option. We went to Benevento's at no 111 and I had a wonderful pizza!

Posted by Chris 

Hi. Papa Mac's in Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Sitting with my usual lament of not being able to have cake with my cuppa and they told me that all cakes (except scones) gluten free! They also do evening meals at weekends and are completely aware of what gluten free really means!

Posted by Michelle 

All branches of Nandos serve foods that are gluten free and they all have a little book which lists all the ingredients in their dishes so you can clearly order items that are gluten/ dairy free etc.

Posted by Michelle

All Bella itialia branches do gluten free pasta and can eliminate other allergens from dishes if requested.

Posted by Louise 

Fairwater Fish bar in Fairwater Cwmbran does fantastic gluten free fish and chips. They also do sausage in batter and home made samosas. Best to phoneb and order first

Posted by Donna

Frydays on street lane Leeds gluten free fish and chips all day every day and salvos in headingly gluten free pizza and pasta. Both amazing

Posted by Marjorie

River Inn,Houston,Renfrewshire really understand GF and will make dishes to suit without any fuss.

Posted by Cynthia 

In the North Yorkshire area there are several eateries that do gluten and dairy free meals... The OLD BARN CAFE in Malham always has an extensive gluten free menu. Also I just discovered that Costa Coffee are serving gluten/dairy free Xmas cake at the moment.

Posted by Shaun

In Twyford (near Winchester) there's a cafe that is ENTIRELY GLUTEN-FREE! Need some work on the name (Celiacs Fayre: not exactly pretty) but such a relief to visit somewhere and be able to choose ANYTHING! Good coffee too :-)

Posted by Sue 

The Blue Lion In Hardwick just west of Cambridge UK has a gluten free menu as well as the standard menu. I have had several lovely meals there and can thoroughly recomend it.

Posted by Zoe Boone 

Done fish and chips at Pitlochry, also recommend Elgin for a lovely little cafe that speciIzes in meals and gorgeous cakes.Mmm.

Posted by Sue

We have just come back from having the most fantastic lunch at Hotel Felix, just on the western side of Cambridge UK. No gluten free menu but if told on booking that GF is required there was no problem at all as the waiters were all clued up and the chef very adaptable. Can thoroughly recomend.

By Genius


The Brook inn in Washbrook Ipswich is a country pub with an almost completely gluten free menu.
You would go a long way to beat the fish & chips!
Pudds are really good too!!
Posted by Zammie on
chez lindsay in richmond, amazing buckwheat crepes - GF! cannot recommend it enough! also carluccio, zizzis s and Jamies italian have gluten free pasta
Posted by lunvix on
Shenanigans in Portstewart (North Coast of Ireland) has a great dedicated Gluten Free menu
Posted by kabeerkher on
Hi Lucinda,

I just stumbled across your website and I can't believe what a fantastic resource you've created for those that have to eat gluten free. (And your delicious Genius products!) I run a little cafe in Clifton, Bristol and we've been putting in a lot of effort to make sure everyone with dietary requirements is catered for, we always have at least two or more gluten free cakes as well as fat least six or seven options on our main menu such as risottos, pies and salads to make sure everyone is happy!

We are putting a lot of effort into making sure everything is labelled so diners have the best experience they can with us, we'd love it if you could let people know about us on this list that would be wonderful, our website is

Keep up the excellent work!
Posted by charlottekatherine on
A lovely Country Pub near Budworth Cheshire ...5 minutes South of Warrington, called Cock O Budworth, has an amazing chef whose son has food intolerances so he will cook to your requirements, including taking into account the saturated fats if you wish. were so impressed with the quality of the food and it is a lovely rural setting.
Posted by shanekk on
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