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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Genius, we're happy to answer all your gluten-free questions. Select a category below to find your query.

Our Products

You can recently changed your packaging, how will I know what my favourite Genius Gluten Free products look like?

We have created a handy guide to the new packaging which we hope will help. Feel free to print it out so you can have it on hand when you're shopping. Click here to view

What makes Genius different to other gluten-free products on the market?

Genius bakery products are fresh, deliciously light, and made from high fibre natural ingredients. Our range of delicious gluten-free foods smell, tastes and feels every bit as good as traditional wheat products.

Can Genius bakery products be frozen?

Yes, all the Genius bakery products can be frozen. Put them in the freezer as soon as possible after purchase and use within one month of freezing.

What is the best way to store Genius products?

All Genius bakery products are best stored in a cool, dry place and kept in their original packaging, re-sealing them where possible using the re-sealable tag.

Do Genius products meet the new regulations for being labelled ‘gluten free’?

Yes, Genius products do not contain gluten or Codex wheat starch and so fall below the Codex Alimentarius standard of 20 parts of gluten per million.

How can I be reassured about contamination?

Genius products are baked in a dedicated gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free site which means no produce or ingredients containing these allergens are allowed into the area and rigorous checks are in place to ensure that procedures are followed.

Why is the price of Genius products more expensive than those of equivalent gluten containing products?

It is an inescapable fact that the cost of producing a gluten-free loaf of bread is significantly higher than a loaf made from wheat.

Ingredient prices, a highly technical production process, the lack of economies of scale and additional supply chain and distribution costs all contribute to the higher price of gluten-free bakery products compared with wheat-based bread.

A typical gluten-free loaf will have over 20 ingredients in its recipe, many of which compensate for the lack of wheat. The resultant ingredient cost for a gluten-free loaf is about two to three times that of an equivalent conventional loaf.

The highly technical manufacturing process used to make gluten-free bread is also a major factor behind the higher cost of producing Genius products.

As Genius bread becomes even more popular, we hope that economies of scale will help us reduce the price of our products. The price gap between wheat based bread and Genius bread is coming down. Genius bread is great value and provides a quality staple for those avoiding or cutting down on gluten.

Is your packaging recyclable?

You will have to check with their local council as to what their plastic recycling policy is. The material is High Clarity LLDPE, Foodgrade. Some councils will recylcle this. 

Can I use Genius products as part of a calorie controlled diet? 

At Genius we believe in a balanced and healthy diet however we recommend before making any changes to your diet to consult your GP.

Are any of your products suitable for a vegetarian diet?

The following Genius products are suitable for vegetarians: All Genius products are suitable for vegetarians except for the Steak Pie and Chicken & Gravy Pie.

Are your products suitable for a vegan diet? 

No. Since all Genius products contain a small amount of egg, and also some contain milk ingredients, they are not suitable for vegans.

Are Genius products low in saturated fat and salt?

Genius products all comply to the 2012 Government guidelines for saturated fat and salt.

Are Genius products suitable for a higher fibre diet?

Genius products are a source of dietary fibre. We recommend before making any changes to your diet to consult your GP.

Are Genius products suitable for a Halal (Muslim religion) diet?

Currently we cannot claim Halal status for any Genius product.

Are Genius products suitable for a Kosher (Jewish religion) diet?

To manufacture food sold as Kosher our company and factory, recipes and ingredients would have to be accredited through a specialist certification scheme (Beth Din – the Jewish body who approves Kosher products). The Genius Range has not gone through this process, however this is something we would like to consider in the future.

Are Genius products organic?

We would like to use organic ingredients within our products, however we understand that gluten-free products are already expensive and by making this change it would further increase the cost of our products.

What is Gluten?

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in cereals such as rye, wheat, barley. A similar protein is also found in oats. Gluten is what typically gives dough its elasticity and helps bread and cakes to rise so making these products without gluten requires a completely different approach to cooking.

How do you cook without gluten?

There are various substitutes to use when replacing gluten in recipes. For more information about cooking gluten free have a look at Lucinda’s book ‘How to Cook for Food Allergies’ which contains lots of helpful tips on how to cook family favourite dishes without gluten.

What foodstuffs contain gluten?

Many of our staple foods contain gluten such as bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, pizzas and it can also be found in other less obvious products like couscous. Gluten is also present in some drinks made from grains such as beer, and malt spirits. If a product contains gluten manufacturers must always declare it as an allergen on the product packaging so always check the label if you are unsure.

Our Ingredients

Why are Genius products are higher in fat that their gluten-plus alternatives?

Genius contains slightly more fat than conventional wheat bread but it is ‘good fat’ in the form of rapeseed oil. The levels of saturated fat (the fat we all should avoid) in Genius bread are low and similar to those found in wheat bread. The rapeseed oil helps to give Genius its moist texture, brings out the flavour of the ingredients and also helps to keep it fresh and tasty.

What is Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan gum is a natural gum that is derived from bacteria that live on cabbage leaves which is harvested, fermented, purified and ground into a powder.

What is Calcium Propionate?

Changes in the temperature (such as winter to summer) make Genius bakery products more susceptible to mould. Calcium Propionate is common practise in many foodstuffs, especially in bakery. Through the introduction of Calcium Propionate Genius can ensure that your bakery products remains fresh and mould free, within its shelf life, all year round.

What fruits are used in the fruit loaf?

The yummy fruits we use in our gluten-free fruit loaf are sultanas and currants.

Where do sugar beet flakes come from?

Sugar beet flakes are a high fibre product derived from the sugar beet, which is similar to a beet root but white in colour.

What seeds do you use in the rolls and seeded loaf?

The seeds we use in our seeded bread and rolls are poppy seeds, sunflower seeds and linseeds.

What is tapioca?

Tapioca is a gluten-free starch harvested from the cassava root which grows in tropical climates.

What is the vegetable oil used in Genius products?

The oil we use in Genius bread is rapeseed oil. The levels of saturated fat in the rapeseed oil are low and are similar to those found in wheat bread.

Is the Genius bakery range wheat free?

Yes it is. There is no wheat in anything Genius! There is no gluten, dairy or soya either in our bakery products.

Does the Genius bakery range contain yeast?

Genius bakery products do contain yeast. The yeast plays a very important part in the process as it helps the products to rise. Using other raising agents like bicarbonate of soda tends to leave an unpleasant acidic taste and compromises on the quality of the bread.

Are Genius bakery products egg free?

Unfortunately, the Genius bakery range is not egg free. It’s quite a challenge baking well without gluten and egg. We are afraid the egg is central to the product’s consistency as it provides the structure. Without it the result is a much heavier and unstable products, and egg substitutes just don’t compare.

What's the difference between dairy free and egg free?

Dairy is considered to be any product from a cow.  Milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt etc are core dairy products. Eggs are not considered to be dairy. While eggs are, indeed, produced by animals and are an animal byproduct, they are not a dairy product or a derivative of a dairy product.

Are Genius products nut free?

Genius products are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free however we are unable to guarantee that they are nut free. Although Genius products are produced on a site that does not contain any nuts, not all of our suppliers can guarantee that the ingredients they supply to us are produced on a site that is nut-free.

Does Genius use free-range eggs?

The eggs used in Genius bread are not free range. Gluten-free products use different ingredients from wheat bread that are generally more expensive to source and production is also more expensive due to the relatively smaller volumes produced therefore we use non free-range eggs to help keep the price of Genius loaves to a minimum.

Do Genius products contain GMO ingredients?

All UK Genius products are made with GMO-free ingredients.

Do Genius products contain additives? 

We aim to minimise the use of additives in the Genius range, using natural alternatives where possible. The use of artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial flavour enhancers, hydrogenated fat and benzoate preservatives is not permitted in any Genius products.

The use of all other additives will be kept to a minimum and natural alternatives will be used where possible.

Do Genius products contain any artificial favourings?

When creating the recipes for our gluten-free foods, Genius listens carefully to our customers. We work hard to offer products that everybody can enjoy and that taste great.

Some of our gluten-free foods contain flavourings that are widely used in bakery products found on supermarket shelves across the country. We are constantly working to improve the taste of our products and are committed to using completely natural flavourings wherever possible.

What is Genius' position on the use of palm oil?

Some Genius products do contain palm oil, however we're committed to only using sustainable sources of palm oil. This policy also extends to ingredients derived from palm oil.

Where To Buy

Are Genius products available to buy online?

Yes Genius bakery products can now be delivered direct to your door by ordering from our website.

I have a query about ordering online, where can I find more information?

You find our online shop FAQs here

I have problems finding Genius products near me, is there anything which I can do?

If you are having difficulties in finding Genius in a supermarket near you please click here to download a product request form to hand into the Store Manager or Customer Service desk.

Are Genius products available outside of the UK?

Genius is currently available in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, the USA, Spain, Australia and the UAE. We hope that it will be available in other parts of the world very soon, so that everyone who is on a gluten-free diet can enjoy it!

I'm an independent business who's interested in stocking Genius, is that possible?

Yes, we would love as many independent retailers, restaurants and cafes as possible to stock Genius. Please complete our online enquiry form and one of the Genius team will be in touch shortly to discuss or alternatively call us on 0845 874 4000.

Where can I buy Genius bread in the UK?

At the moment Genius bread is available in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, and selected Morrisons and Co-op stores nationwide. We also have a number of other local retailers that are stocking Genius. Enter your postcode in our Store Directory to find your nearest stockist. If you can’t find Genius bread near you, why not buy online from our online shop. Alternatively, we can supply direct to retailers, so if your local store would like to stock Genius bread ask them to get in touch with us on 0845 874 4000.

Where can I buy Genius in the USA and Canada?

We have teamed up with a wonderful bread partner across the pond to bring you ‘Genius by Glutino’. Working closely together both white and brown sandwich bread is now distributed across the US and Canada to retailers including Wholefoods, Safeway, Target, Save Mart, Tops, ShopRite, PriceRite, and Ralphs. Find out more about Glutino here.

Where can I buy Genius in Spain?

Genius is available throughout Spain in branches of Carrefour.

Genius On Prescription

Is Genius available on prescription?

Genius brown and white unsliced and sliced bread is now available for those entitled to gluten-free food on prescription. The 400g loaf is prescribed in cases of 8 and the 535g in cases of 6.

What are the PIP codes?

Genius Gluten Free Soft Brown Sandwich Bread 6x 535g 379-8550
Genius Gluten Free Soft White Sandwich Bread 6x 535g 379-8568
Genius Gluten Free Bloomer (Available 1 August 2013) 8x 240g 379-8576
Genius Gluten Free Original - White Unsliced 8 x 400g 357-8333
Genius Gluten Free Original - Brown Unsliced 8 x 400g 357-8325
Genius Gluten Free Original - White Sliced 8 x 400g 370-0432
Genius Gluten Free Original - Brown Sliced 8 x 400g 370-0440

For more information on Genius on prescription click here

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